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     Nevada Youth Recreational Baseball

NYRB, formerly known as Nevada Little League, began in 1989 with the coordinating efforts of Mike Beeman, Gary Jones and Wilson Liter. 
NYRB is for children currently in 3rd through 8th grades.  Teams are broken down into the following age groups:  3rd & 4th grade, 5th & 6th grade, and 7th and 8th grades.  Games are played at Centennial Fair Grounds on Liter and Jones Fields.
Why We Do What We Do!
NYRB is a youth baseball organization providing recreational baseball to children in the 3rd thru 8th grade.  Our mission is to teach children valuable lessons such as teamwork, discipline, pride in accomplishments, sportsmanship, goal setting and that hard work creates positive outcomes.
NYRB is sponsored in part with
funds from the United Way.



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Updated Schedule

Games that have been changed due to rain for the week of 5/22 – 5/25

Tuesday 5/23/2017

¾ grade XPO vs Heartland                      8pm Jones Field

7/8 grade Twisted 7 vs Elks                     8pm Liter Field

Wednesday 5/24/2017

¾ grade Rinehart vs 1st National              6pm Jones  Field

5/6 grade Kennedy/Burch vs R&R          7:15 Jones Field 

7/8 grade Elks vs Eaton Farms                6pm Liter Field

7/8 grade Nevada Auto Mall vs Harding Farms    8pm Liter Field

-Games for week of 5/29 – 5-31

Monday 5/29/2017

5/6 grade Kennedy/Burch vs Aarons               4pm & 6pm Jones Field 

 5/6 grade VC Ready Mix vs R&R Equipment         6pm Jones Field

-Games for week of 6/5 – 6/10

Tuesday 6/6/2017

5/6 grade R&R Equipment  vs Aarons                      6pm Jones Field

Wednesday 6/7/2017

These games may be moved to the 6pm slot if we have NO other rain outs

¾ grade Garwood vs XPO                                             8pm Jones Field

7/8 grade Eaton vs Hardin                                            8pm Liter Field

Friday 6/9/2017

5/6 grade VC Ready Mix vs R&R Equipment         6pm Liter Field

Games for week of 6/12 – 6/16

Thursday 6/15/2017

These games may be moved to the 6pm slot if we have NO other rain outs

¾ grade 1st National Bank vs Rinehart Jewelry                     8pm Jones Field

7/8 grade Hardin Farms vs Eaton Farms                                  8pm Liter Field

Friday 6/16/2017

7/8 grade Eaton Farms vs Garwood                                         8pm Liter Field



  Rain Line 417-667-5844.

Please call this number to determine whether fields are playable on game days.  We will be updating the recording as soon as we can determine field conditions. This will usually not be prior to 4:00 PM.   Please do not call coaches, umpires, or board members - PLEASE use this line. 

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